Localisation and Interaction for Augmented Maps (with Ethan Eade and Tom Drummond)

Paper-based cartographic maps provide highly detailed information visualization with unrivaled fidelity and information density. Moreover, the physical properties of paper afford simple interactions for browsing a map or focusing on individual details, managing concurrent access for multiple users and general malleability. However, printed maps are static displays and while computer-based map displays can support dynamic information, they lack the nice properties of real maps identified above. We address these shortcomings by presenting a system to augment printed maps with digital graphical information and user interface components. These augmentations complement the properties of the printed information in that they are dynamic, permit layer selection and provide complex computer mediated interactions with geographically embedded information and user interface controls. Two methods are presented which exploit the benefits of using tangible artifacts for such interactions.

[ISMAR 2005] [video] [presentation]

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